The Lovers Candle and Print Set

The Lovers Candle and Print Set

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The Tarot Collectio

Part of our new Tarot Collection this gift set includes a foiled A5 print of our original artwork and a hand-poured 20cl Secnted Candle.

Our prints are designed and hand foiled in house – available on white or black background.

Our candles are blended and poured in house, in small batches and each will burn for 40+ hours.

The Lovers

- Commitment
- Partnerships
- Falling In Love
- Kindred Spirits
- Decisions of the heart

The Lovers Trust and Unity gives them confidence, strength and they empower each other.

Find Balance within yourself, be true to yourself and make choices that are authentic and genuine, to yourself and each other.


The Passionate Scent of Blackberry and Ylang Ylang.

Blackberry was used by the Romans as an offering to the Goddess of Love, Venus. It promotes prosperity, health and protection. This teams with Ylang Ylang which is a romantic, relaxing scent aiding in releasing your inhibitions. Traditionally petals of the Ylang Ylang Flower were scattered on the beds of Newly Weds.